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Hope this helps Minecraft Plugin Tutorial - WorldGuard - Region Flags - YouTube. Thread: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/worldguard/. Thread: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/worldguard Fixed a bug where global regions could not be deleted. Modified region creation menu to include option for vertically expanded regions. Added the ability to create a "global" region that affects the entire world. Added support for "allow" and "deny" values of flags, to make the plugin similar to Java. You can't make it for the entire world, unless you have a border or something limiting the players to a enclosed space.

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I know there is a  It requires WorldGuard Custom Flags to work. The source is now available on github. If the effects don't appear try: /region flag __global__ effects speed /region   Your current WorldEdit selection is used for the area of the region. Region IDs are case-insensitive.

A flexible system of  According to the WorldGuard Wiki, use /region flag pvp deny .

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Protect your spawn and other areas of your world. Create a shopping district where players can own plots. 2021-4-4 · The global region is considered like any other region, except it is at the lowest possible priority.

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It is also used for towns. Regions are enabled in Survival and the Nether. Region ID's are world-specific and will not be found if you're in the Nether searching for one in Survival. To select the area of a region, use a stick. Left click "sans-serif"> Hey everyone, I am in need of protecting a whole world on my server. Basically I want my players to be confined into a large glass walled rectangular region to pvp, build, mine, whatever whilst the staff work on some important other stuff on the server.


In the folder you can find the file "config.yml" and a folder "worlds".
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2016-10-3 · 当玩家输入指令后,会自动变成区域主人。这需要worldguard.region.claim权限。 规则: 最大的区域数量: 除非有 worldguard.region.unlimited 权限,玩家的区域数不能超过这个数量。 最大区域提及: 除非有 worldguard.region.unlimited 权限,不然体积不能超过 2017-7-31 2021-4-4 · One way to do this is to create a “global region,” which is a region that has no actual physical size.