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Give us a call today to see what we can do to help you recover. ParaGard lawsuits are currently being filed Taking legal action does two things: A lawsuit enables individuals to hold large manufacturers accountable for their actions, possibly reducing the risk of others experiencing the same complications. Paragard IUD Lawsuits. If you believe you have experienced complications while using a Paragard IUD, you may have a claim for money damages. Please call Attorney Marilyn McGoldrick at 800-404-1150, or tell us your story online. Filing a Paragard Lawsuit Isn’t Just About Money, It’s About Helping Protect Others Getting an IUD shouldn’t make you lose your ability to grow your family. While a lawsuit can’t change that, it can help you pay for expensive medical bills, such as surgeries needed to remove pieces of … Paragard IUD Lawsuit.

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Paragard and other implants are now the third most widely used  Mar 30, 2021 At the end of 2020, dozens of lawsuits against Paragard were consolidated into multidistrict litigation (MDL) and transferred to the same court. If you've required surgery or experienced injuries from the copper IUD, you may be entitled to a ParaGard Lawsuit against Teva Pharmaceuticals. Paragard IUD Lawsuits - Representing Women Injured by Paragard. Over the past few years, many women have been injured by the Paragard copper  Jan 17, 2021 Paragard Lawsuit Attorneys call 954-384-6114.

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The paragard iud lawsuit, how paragard lawsuit attorneys can help. The Paragard 380A is an IUD (intrauterine device) that has caused serious pain and suffering in many people across the country.

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Paragard is an intrauterine device (IUD), initially manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals. Now, Paragard is manufactured by Cooper Surgical. Approved by the FDA in 1984, it is used as a long-term birth control device: according to Cooper Surgical, it provides “up to 10 years of Pregnancy Prevention”. A ParaGard IUD lawsuit lawyer will advise you about the next steps in pursuing compensation if you have been the victim of a Paragard IUD that caused you injury or distress.

While the manufacturer described Paragard as a safe method of birth control, important data about its numerous complications has never been fully disclosed. Plaintiffs in the suits filed against Teva Pharmaceuticals, which owned the Paragard brand from 2008 to 2017, allege that the device fractured during removal and pieces — including the device’s A Paragard IUD lawsuit is a claim for financial compensation by women who were injured by the Paragard T 380A fracturing in their uterine cavity. Plaintiffs allege that Teva Pharmaceuticals and CooperCompanies 1) created a defective contraceptive device and 2) failed to warn doctors about the substantial risk of the device breaking upon removal (“explant”) despite Paragard being marketed as easy to remove. The claim of the lawsuit against the manufacturers of Paragard (Teva Pharmaceuticals and The Cooper Companies) is that both companies knew about the defect of the design and the device's capability for breaking, but did not warn health care professionals or government regulators and instead overly focused on the benefits of the device.
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We expect these new Paragard IUD lawsuit claims will have substantial cash payouts from settlements. Our Paragard lawyers and attorneys have been recently receiving phone call reports from women alleging IUD side effects including device migrating, broken arms of the device, getting embedded in the uterus, and other complications. Paragard Lawsuit Commercials Warn Of Defective IUD Laurence P. Banville, Esq. 2020-12-21T10:18:05-05:00 Over recent months numerous Paraguard lawsuit commercials have likely caught your attention.

A ParaGard IUD lawsuit lawyer will advise you about the next steps in pursuing compensation if you have been the victim of a Paragard IUD that caused you injury or distress. A lawyer will: Speak to you about the circumstances of how your Paragard IUD was installed, and the specific details of how the device caused you harm Paragard Lawsuit Attorneys call 954-384-6114. Is there a class action lawsuit against paragard? The paragard iud lawsuit, how paragard lawsuit attorneys can help.
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Paragard IUD Lawsuit Free Case Review Paragard IUD was presented as a hormone free birth control device. Paragard IUD was marketed and sold as a reversable birth control device. Recent FDA studies have indicated that the Paragard IUD could fracture or break and cause injuries.